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Welcome to my website. You might already be wondering about the title, ‘The Big 40?’ Well let me explain a little.

Dreading it? In it? Gone past it? For most of us a sharp reminder of the fact our biological clock is ticking on. If we haven’t yet filled our nests with fledgling offspring and still wish to do so it can bring the onset of panic. If our proverbial nest is cushioning our fast growing chicks to maturity, our pride is, more often than not, coupled with fear of their flight. When it’s depressingly empty we reflect. What’s left?

Plenty! Blog it in!

The Big 40? It’s anecdotal, often perceived to be a critical stage in life. Most of us say we get older but feel exactly the same inside. And so I wanted to meet the challenge of writing about life with all its baggage whilst struggling to deal with those heady emotions associated with youth.

And so to Harriet. Just 40, going on 20. The children have gone. She’s left with her long standing partner, her disapproving mother and the cat. She’s desperate for another baby. Desperate for marriage. Desperate for perfect domestic bliss. Does that ring any bells out there? As one delighted reader observes, “(I think there’s a bit of Harriet in most of us!)”

I have a new book review site on which I’m aiming to post reviews of books I’ve read and loved. Of books that have left me wondering. Of books others have liked far more than me. Of new books, best sellers, and lesser known ones. All my reviews, however, will have one thing in common. In our time conscious world you’ll be drawn in and let go in less time than it takes to turn a sand timer over.

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