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Well I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said there wasn’t a little bit of Harriet in me! If, after reading the book, you feel the same way, why not share your thoughts? Blog it in! That’s where the fun comes in. Writing!

Well familiar with books I started my working career in a library. I recall well, as the junior of a small group, the train trip up north. Being met at the station by this impressive bloke in his sumptuous car. Off to ‘Holt Jackson’ to fill our shopping trolleys with books. Free to select anything and everything at will. What a day! If only someone would throw mine into the basket. I’m working on it!

Then I met my sea-going engineer, John. For me, he swapped all that to learn the art of making huge propellers and rose rapidly to hold various managerial positions in the company. Two baby chicks in our nest. Two beautiful daughters. Left the library. Did an honours degree with the Open University as I watched them grow. Went on to a teacher training college in Liverpool for a year to gain a Certificate in Education. Taught for a few years then wanted to do my own thing. Coupled supply teaching with running my own private pre-school. Then my dear Mum departed from the material world to the intangible. Sorting her care motivated me to establish my own care and service agency. Interesting work. Often matching the very well to do with those of us who meet their needs.

Daughters grew. Met two great lads. Brothers! Now we have four beautiful grandchildren. We help out in between walking, sailing, camping, gardening, reading. And now writing thanks to arima. Which brings me full circle.

I hope you’ll write a few lines. Maybe a comment on the books? Maybe your experience of the big 40. Before. During. After? Let’s get some chat going. Let’s share our stories with each other. Let’s all keep writing!

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Margaret Henderson Smith
Margaret Henderson Smith
Margaret Henderson Smith
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